We come from the Americas, Australia, Africa and the West Indies, and we are here to partner with you.

Souley Oumarou
Film Director

I am Souley Oumarou Diallo Mo Djalanta Jaydo. It literally means the one who doesn’t laugh with any idiots. For my mother, I’m koizey yawo, meaning the visitor of great kings (I prefer that one).

I grew up in the landlocked West African country of Niger. When I was about twelve years old, my best friend gave me a vintage Kodak camera. He got it from his dad, who was a student in Senegal in the sixties. The camera fascinated me. I was never able to use it because I could not afford to buy the $2 film rolls. I loved the sound of the shutter releasing in the empty chamber. I loved the ergonomics, and even the fonts of the yellow and orange Kodak logo. Years later in New York City, my roommate Micah Schaeffer introduced me to filmmaking. He was a student at NYU Tisch at the time. I purchased a Mac computer at the Apple store on 5th Avenue in New York City and a copy of Final Cut Pro 5. I bought some Diana Weynand training series books and started learning to edit. 

After business school, I worked as a senior tax analyst on Wall Street for 6 years. Then, I attended the George Washington University Documentary Institute. There, I completed “Life in Strides” with 5 other students. It is an 18-minute documentary about Jake Luoma, a young man on the spectrum. He took therapy horseback rides at Lift Me Up, a local therapeutic riding place. 

Since 2016 I have been filming in Africa, the Middle East and the United States. 

This photo of my elementary school class was taken in 1988. It’s the only childhood photo of myself. So now, you know what capturing moments really mean to me. 

Jed Watt

Director of Photography

Jed moved to the United States from Australia. He is a talented filmmaker specializing in action/adventure (motorsport and skateboarding). In 2021, Jed created a short film. This accomplishment gained him admission to Melbourne University's Film and Television Program. Since then, he has collaborated with notable companies, such as Retromotive, 1320 Video, Alkaas Sport TV, and BeIn TV. Jed is also an avid BMX rider and professional skateboarder. In addition, he plays drum bass and guitar.

Board of Advisors

Our board is a powerhouse of diverse expertise, a dynamic team steering our company towards innovation, fiscal strength, technological excellence, and legal integrity.

Nigel Franklyn, CPA, CGMA


Mr. Franklyn holds an MBA from Cornell University. He is an empathetic transformational leader and an execution focused partner. He is a champion in cultivating a collaborative and creative work environment.

Ali Payne

Technology Officer

Forward-thinking technologist with a passion for leveraging technology to drive creativity and efficiency. Mr. Payne consults with us on the development and implementation of technological solutions for our firm.

Walid Idriss


Experienced and strategic-minded, Mr. Idriss holds a bachelors degree in Mathematics and from Baruch College. He advises on the company's financial health, providing insights to support decision- making to drive sustainable growth.

Todd Bryant

Legal Counsel

Mr. Bryant has over 20 years of litigation experience as a trial attorney. He advises on legal compliance, risks mitigation and growth within the legal framework.